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Fermenterarna – Pineapple Masquerade Fruited Gose 440ml ABV 6%


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ountry: Sweden

From Fermenterarna:

This pineapple version of the Masquerade series is bright in (you guessed it) ripe pineapple. In the aroma a pineapple yogurt note dominates, supported by yuzu, lemon, underripe mango and hints of sweet vanilla and wheat bread. All of these carry on in the flavour where the bright tartness turns the citrus notes into lemon and lime sour candies. Light bodied, medium carbonation, no bitterness, soft mouthfeel and a juicy tartness. Sprite for adults.

Flavour: Berry fruit Fruity Salty Tart/ acidic/ citrus Tropical fruit Vanilla
Style: Gose Sour or Wild


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